Mike Moutoux, New Mexico's Enchanting Cowboy


Mike Moutoux

New Mexico's
Enchanting Cowboy

Welcome and a hearty thanks for dropping by!

Please make yourself at home and poke around in here as much as you like. I try to make this a place where you can get to know me, enjoy some cowboy poetry; even order a CD if you’d like.

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment; a place that is steeped in fascinating history, stunning landscapes, and charming people you would enjoy knowing. As a poet and songwriter, I try to capture the feelings of those places and the stories of the people I run across living and working here. I’ll put you as close to being in the saddle as words and music will allow. Here at this sort of cyber-campfire, I’ll fill you in on what’s happening at work with my Ranch Notes and give you a new Poem to enjoy now and then.  

And, I hope you’ll check my Calendar to see if I’ll be performing somewhere near you. I’d really like the chance to sing you a song and perform a poem for you in person.
~ Mike

What People are Saying:

“You are drawn in by the characters he creates and his unique sense of humor always makes me smile. His style of singing takes me back to the great story tellers I grew up listening to like Croce, Chapin and Lightfoot. They are uplifting, entertaining and invite you into the life of a modern cowboy.” —John Sillaman, Dayton, OH

"I've been getting RAVES from people who were at the concert last night. You really wowed them Mike. They too were very impressed with your ability to do both music and poetry so well. Beautiful voice, singing and speaking; wonderful material; heartfelt delivery. " —Karren Little

Mike Moutoux cowboy poet songwriter performing

“I've been a fan of Cowboy Music all my life, since I sang along with Rex Allen and Roy Rogers as a pup, and I'm sure glad I went to Sierra Vista to see you, Mike. Your voice is one of the best! —Bill Straub, Albuquerque, NM

“...could listen to Mike all night.” —Fran Rowe, Maricopa Arizona

“He is one of the best cowboy entertainers in the country.” —Duane Lawrence, Estancia, New Mexico

“Mike is phenomenal.” —Bobbi Jeen Olson, Stanfield, Arizona

“...I have a new favorite singer.” —Donna Sanson, Breckinridge, Missouri

“I do consider you one of our best talents.” —Steve Conroy, Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering

“You have a rare talent to bring poetry to the masses. —Rod Kent, Nokomis, FL

“Mike’s performance at our annual convention was a real hit. His mix of music and storytelling was perfect for our family-friendly crowd.  Even those who were not fans of cowboy music had a great time. I look forward to having him back.” —Baron Glassgow, Executive Director, New Mexico Propane Gas Association.
“He is an outstanding cowboy poet, songwriter, and singer, and a very entertaining master of ceremonies. Mike's original compositions are among his best performances; they tell stories of the cowboy work and life that he loves. The title of "New Mexico's Enchanting Cowboy" truly suits him. One of the kindest and most helpful individuals you will ever meet. —Esther Dollarhide, President, Tombstone Western Music Festival, Inc.

"Mike heard you at Oro Valley, you played a song called He Lets Me Ride. I don't get too emotional except about my horses and that song brought tears to my eyes. Heading out on my best boy I consider it an honor and a privilege he wants me up there every time. You nailed it with that song, where can I get a hold of it?"
—Alan Little, Tucson


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